Every business becomes a “digital business”

One of the most common questions in business circles and among entrepreneurs is: “Which business to start? Which industries are worth investing in, where can they be invested, and is success guaranteed? ” Although it is impossible to give a simple answer, every new job should contain the prefix “digital” and then the activities of […]

Enrollment: New business workshop

Enrollment: New business workshop The most comprehensive course for modern business people and leaders is starting. Developed following the latest trends in leadership, finance and business development, adapted to the local environment MODERN FINANCE, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MODULE 1 Winning ideas and habits of millionaires, ideas and habits of millionaires that you can use […]

Virtual Business Incubator is Open

The most complete mix of content, interactivity and direct help intended for entrepreneurs. We want to solve the most common questions that arise in the development of the company: – Am I doing the right job and in the best way? – How can I expand my business and reach more users? – How do […]